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InNic has spent much of his time cc btc the common myths frequently pointed at Bitcoin by the mainstream media, and he has been a general in the Green Energy war taking place around Cc btc. Last week, Nic started a Twitter Space to discuss El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, a historic moment for crypto.

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This twitter space ultimately garnered over 20, listeners, including some of the biggest names in crypto. Bukele showed himself to be savvy with both tech and social media, earning his label as a populist. This is a pivotal time for cryptocurrency. The news from El Salvador bring up increasingly important questions like the relationship between nation-states and digital value.

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There are a variety of motives for El Salvador to adopt Bitcoin including lessening dependence on US monetary policy, as the Dollar was previously the sole currency of the country. What does it mean for a country to adopt a cryptocurrency? Is Bitcoin being used for its 'intended purpose?

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Do these events represent a rejection of the Cantillon effect, and a move against the monetary hierarchy of capital gains taxes? In this State of the Nation, we cover these questions and more as we digest this monumental news and figure out what to make of it.

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