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bitcoin image hd

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email The hackers never take a break, and let alone if the cryptocurrency market is bullish.

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Your cryptocurrencies might be safe in your device or favorite exchange, but they always have their ways to steal the coins. A crypto-stealing malware disguised as a feature of Windows 10 is the last of those ways. To be more specific, the hackers designed a fake website to download DirectX 12 in Windows This pack of functionalities works to develop and run multimedia content, especially videogames.

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So, a lot of gamers, for example, might want to bitcoin image hd the DirectX and find the awful surprise instead. The phishing page was designed to detail.

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It includes a privacy policy, disclaimer, contact form, and, at the first sight, everything that a legitimate web should have. If the user clicks on the Download buttons, they will be redirected to an external page to get the files. It can even take screenshots. But probably the worst part is that the malware looks for cryptocurrency wallets inside the system to steal the credentials, passwords, and, ultimately, the funds stored in there.

So, the malicious software can identify wallets like Ledger LiveWaves.

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All the stolen data is compressed and sent automatically to the hackers involved. Avoid crypto-stealing malware The aforementioned is a classic phishing case.

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So, the hackers clone websites or software, or impersonate some service, company, or person via email or call to achieve their malicious goals. Avoid this type of crypto-stealing malware is kind of easy, though.

First of all, download files and software only from the official websites Microsoft, in this case.

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Check twice the URLs to be sure. O poți face în siguranță pe Alfacash!

Și nu uitați că bitcoin image hd despre acest lucru și despre multe alte lucruri pe rețelele noastre sociale.