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In addition to being a cryptocurrency wallet gateway to over 90 digital currencies, Jaxx Liberty users can manage their blockchain portfolio, track market price information, follow news, and trade or buy crypto assets - all from a single app. Jaxx Liberty is THE gateway to all things blockchain!

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Why Jaxx Liberty? World-Class Security and Industry Standard Protocols: We respect your privacy, so we never have access to or knowledge of your wallet and digital assets — only you do. Jaxx Liberty is a non-custodial blockchain wallet, which means that only you own the keys to access your crypto assets.

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Sensitive information like your Backup Phrase and Private Keys are stored only on your device and never leave it. You are in exclusive control of your wallet and should never give out any of your wallet security information to anyone not even us! To further protect user data, we take extra security measures by encrypting core wallet data using bank grade encryption AES encryption enhanced by rounds of pbkdf2 password hashing after each password is set.

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Be sure to have your own custom password set for further encryption world btc trading io. Hierarchical Deterministic HD address generation further increases user privacy wherever feasible.

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