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Part 1: Pain and Pleasure Beautiful artwork and fic inspiration credit thepoisonofgod Just look at this masterpiece!

Lima - wwx - xiuang

Din Djarin x Fem! He goes out looking for some pain or pleasure to help him forget his sorrows and ends up finding both when he meets you.

Rating: Explicit. The new ship has given him a much needed short-term goal though, as well as the means to meet his objective.

hvad er bitcoin trader

He needs the ship so he can collect bounties and he collects bounties to pay off the ship. Kijimi City. A shithole of a place.

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Always cold and infested with smugglers, gang members, and other assorted criminals. Go walk around and stretch his legs, despite the less than desirable location. Lately, Hvad er bitcoin trader just wants to move, go, do all of the time. It helps keep his mind off things. Din wishes he could find a way to remember the kid properly, to recall the happy times, instead of just thinking about the times at the end that broke him.

hvad er bitcoin trader

The times that tore apart everything he thought he was and left him alone again, without even a place to lay his head at night. He picks up his helmet and gazes at it. The sight still makes him queasy with shame, but he is starting to come to terms with taking it on and off in front of others.

Like Boba and Bo Katan.

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Not right now though. He puts on the familiar beskar helm and feels safer behind the tinted visor. Safe from what, he does not know. Yes, he definitely needs something today. Something intense to chase away the darkness, or at least forget about it for a few hours.

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Din just wishes he could fill the gaping hole in his heart, if only for a little while. The front door swishes open and you look up expectantly. Rent is due in three standard days.

hvad er bitcoin trader

But this individual is unlike any customer you have ever had. He is covered head to toe in shining silver armor that reflects the overhead lighting into your eyes.

Standing straight and tall, he strides over to you. You came to the right place.

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Just fixes his opaque black visor on you and stands there in perfect silence. He flicks through the holopad until he finds a font he likes, then his gloved hand passes it back to you wordlessly. His gruff voice stops you. Will I be your last customer today? But no one else.

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  • И едва Николь в очередной раз начинала уставать и отчаиваться, Ричард принимался ее ободрять, напоминая о чудесах, которые они видели в этом - Удивительнейшее место, просто голова кругом, - проговорил он, едва справляясь с возбуждением.
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Who was he thinking was going to attack him? Well, clearly he was quite concerned about it, given that he was armed to the teeth. Blaster, spear, some sort of sword hilt at his waist and kriffing grav charges on his belt. Despite his grumpy mood, he has an air of honesty and trustworthiness about him.

Lima - wwx - xiuang

However, your positive impression may be unduly influenced by the feeling of warmth settling between your legs. That deep, dark voice and powerful build are having an effect on your body that you wish you could ignore. He notices your hesitation.

hvad er bitcoin trader

Weapons are part of my religion. A Mandalorian? You had thought they were all gone, no more than fairy tale heroes now.


He looks like he could take down a kriffing mudhorn all by himself. You introduce yourself and he grunts out his name.

Hvad er bitcoin trader a very inventive nickname but whatever. He stands next to you, just close enough to send your heart racing, and leans in to point to each item as he tells you their intended locations.

Below my right ear. You carry over a woven basket for his things.


He takes off his leather gloves next. His large hands are golden brown, with long, capable-looking fingers. Your breathing goes shallow for a moment. Mando undoes several fasteners to remove his chest plate.

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It feels indecent, standing there while he removes the armor piece by piece. Your face heats up as his armor carefully goes into the basket with a clink for each piece. He places his hands on his helmet, pauses as if unsure about his next move, and then slowly removes it.