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Capturi de ecran Despre această extensie Blockchair extension provides you the fastest way to search among data stored on 17 blockchains and lets you anonymously monitor your crypto portfolio and respond fast to price changes.

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It allows you to search for transactions, addresses, blocks, and even the embedded text data. On-click Blockchain Explorer The extension sets Blockchair as bitcoin explorer default block explorer.

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This feature highlights the transactions and addresses on any page you visit. You can disable the feature via the second toggle in the extension window.

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Crypto Price Tracker Track prices and the 24h price change for the most popular cryptocurrencies. The prices are showing the value of crypto in USD. Portfolio Tracker Blockchair allows you to anonymously and privately track the price changes of your crypto assets in one place.

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If your coins are scattered around different wallets and exchanges, the Portfolio tracker feature is perfect for you. It allows you bitcoin explorer monitor the overall performance and quickly react to 24h price changes. Download the extension today for the easiest access to blockchain data and your portfolio changes.

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We do not store, analyze, nor send this information either to our or third-party servers. You can select any phrase or a text and search for it directly in Blockchair explorer.

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For more information regarding our data collection, please review our general privacy policy before you install our add-on, available here:.