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And congrats on making a record on the shortest guest conversation so far! The compound effect and marketprices x that time, will make your profits huge!

Will Bitcoin Peak This December? A Discussion With Jordan Lindsey

No bothering about cycle-options especially. He's wrong every-time, and straight up lies to his viewers. He said he called the top at 64k, when he did no such thing I know because I was watching his videos.

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He said that the pi-cycle top was "nonsense". He said wyckoff distribution was "nonsense". He said there would be a V-shaped recovery. He said that the top would be in September at k.

He's a con-man Ben. You are better than this! Acum lună Carri Lee Absolutely love seeing these longer term cycles and trends. Huge thanks Jordan for talking us through the charts and massive thanks Ben for bringing him on the show Acum lună David Kilpatrick If you are interested in dying today, take a shot every time Jordan says "the most important trendline in crypto".

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Acum lună there are 3 person in the meeting Acum lună Bob Jones and by the way Jordan is wrong, by his own chart which he is misreading, the next cycle low will likely be approx. But whatever.

Maybe one of his trusted helpers will point it out to him if they look more carefully to understand the pattern. Acum lună CommanderKeen "Rise and Rise again until lambs become lions".

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Acum lună Peter Davies I know! I imagine the bear low would be perhaps around current levelsin the 40k's?

Acum lună Bob Jones I like Rdn btc tradingview, but he is so full of nonsense sometimes.

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I watched his show before and during the crash, and yes, he made some off handed comments at the start of the May crash that he wasn't sure what was going on and he was no longer in his leverage position as if that was helpfulbut he also made other comments that's he didn't think we were in a Wyckoff distribution pattern also not helpful, and actually wrong. And here he is telling us 20 times about his 20 years of experience, and how he knew when he didn't actually know.

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One last thing, yes Bitcoin is doing well, and if you watch his show that's what you will buy or maybe silver, he really likes silver. But the real story of crypto has been coins other than Bitcoin, the expansion of Defi, NFT's, high yield stable coins, supply chain management coins, Web 3.

But you won't hear about any of that on his show. So, as you listen to Jordan and his 20 years of experience, realize you are missing more than you are gaining.

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And that 30 minutes extra you wasted listening to him kiss his own butt you will never get back. Acum lună hahahobo The story has entirely been about bitcoin and always has been.

Best Place To Order Tenoretic mg cheap. Cheap Online Rosiori - Cumpăra - cumpara. Thanks for targeted about one of cryptocurrencies. Why bitcoin is still worth investing in.

And this is from someone who holds 0 bitcoin and only Alts. On Jordan, he definitely does talk himself too much. But his analysis is top notch. What kind of complain is that.

Ghete barbati iarna din piele din categoria celor ieftine ...

No single person has every answer, fucking Ben here is bringing people on to his show every other day, what kind of illogical arguments are you making? I meet people everyday that can do and say what he does. Mostly just selling his ideas.

His ego is so strong it hurts to listen to.

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I'm surprised people don't see through him. I actually agree somewhat with him.

Bitcoin este aur 2. Bitcoin Price For ! Paxum and Tradehill Drop Bitcoin - February 11, bitcoin price for Bitcoin value: wie viel verdienen ingenieure.

I'm also not a genius at math and understand my limitations. That's where listening to someone like Ben that knows what you don't can help. Of course never just do what someone suggest but take that advice and add to rdn btc tradingview direction.


Jordan is a load phoney to be honest. I see right through people like him. He's freaks if someone questions him on his channel.

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Rdn btc tradingview daily flips. Is never wrong and knows everything, yet is always wrong in reality Acum lună Jericko Goodfield Yeah there were numerous videos, before BTC "crashed" from 64k I'm sure now he would deny ever throwing shade at Ben. And don't forget how he straight up said that the Pi Cycle cross would not cross, I literally presented him with the numbers, told him the exact price BTC would have to hold over roughly 4 weeks, and if it did the Pi Cycle would cross and wanted to know his take on this if it happens.

His response? So yeah I couldn't agree with you more, I agree with some of the stuff he says, but btc van inchiriere ego is so very fragile and he definitely sounds like a man desperate to shill his ideas.

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Props to Ben for having him on though. It made it a little hard to watch. Acum lună Btc in It's too complicated Its' too expensive. It's too late. Acum lună Jason J. Crafton the crypto market is very complex and you need to be grounded in order to avoid making losses Acum lună Jordan is great. We will see how his model will play out. Acum lună gypsyhusker Ben, no homo, but i love you for these kinds of alternate opinions, this was very nerd, and very cool pov. Acum lună.

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