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Consumers sometimes think one way but act in quite another. When consumers use YNAB — You Need A Budget, a popular budgeting program — the software infills many categories from bitcoin tx drawn, with permission, from their financial institution bitcoin safe hadn via the Plaid service.

A key commonality among these three examples is that making them work requires application programming interfaces, or APIs.

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Some statistics to consider from the research:. And if this disconnect would be resolved, what difference would it make?

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In the U. Industry groups and government agencies have explored the sharing of data, but while these efforts continue, the market keeps advancing. Longo thinks ongoing generational change will drive a broad change of heart among consumers about the conscious acceptance of open banking.

He says that younger consumers already are more accepting of data sharing than their parents, and that as more wealth passes into their hands, resistance will flag.

What Open Banking evolution may look like Longo thinks the pending Google Plex project, which will link a pilot group of large and small banks and credit unions with an upgraded Google Wallet, could be the shape of deals to come.

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While Citibank, one the largest banks in the country, is the top player in the Google Plex group, Longo points out that community banks are already part of this experiment. He also thinks connectivity will be broadened by bringing banks that offer banking as a service into the fold of projects like Google Plex.

Their presence within such platforms will bring still more scale to potential banking-fintech-big tech deals.

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